Fairy Complaints- They look so cute and are so hard done by

The Fairy Song

Another video throwback from when we were trying out new filming and CGI techniques. My other half had this wonderful idea of a fairy union in which fairies complain about being treated as pests. In it I am turned into a fairy, and forced to sing the fairy song.



Kitty Jay (A Film About a Ghost Story)

Kitty Jay’s Grave- Dartmoor Ghost Legend

So, a while back my other half and I started playing around with a vlogging channel, we made a few vids and left it alone. Recently we decided to set up again, we wanted to try new things, see new things, and we thought, why not film it?

This film is about the legend of Kitty Jay, we filmed it back in 2010.

I would like to reassure you now, there is nothing buried there but horse bones, but to this day people tell tales of Kitty, and the flowers that are left on her grave.

We, being local to the area at the time, decided to dramatise it. Of course, because I was the female counterpart, I automatically bagged the role of Kitty.