When Good Lambs go Baaa!

Look at the cute little lambs, aren’t they ever so cute?
Also includes an adorable baby bunny!

We Climbed a Mountain!

Fools that we are, we decided to climb a mountain!

It’s called Pen y Fan, as you may have guessed from the name it’s in Wales. Not Whales.

It’s absolutely stunning on the top of the mountain, and it’s a pretty easy climb too.

Highly recommended!

Happy National Tea Day!

Happy National Tea Day!

I wasn’t going to post today, but well, how could I not post about national tea day?

Tea is my go to beverage, it’s what I wake up with, it’s what keeps me going through the day, and because I’m British it’s practically mandatory that I adore it.

I have been fixed up with a tea man, Monteas, he does some wonderful teas. I’m addicted to the Assam and also the Chocolate and Mint Roobois.

What is your tea of choice?


Fairy Complaints- They look so cute and are so hard done by

The Fairy Song

Another video throwback from when we were trying out new filming and CGI techniques. My other half had this wonderful idea of a fairy union in which fairies complain about being treated as pests. In it I am turned into a fairy, and forced to sing the fairy song.


Kitty Jay (A Film About a Ghost Story)

Kitty Jay’s Grave- Dartmoor Ghost Legend

So, a while back my other half and I started playing around with a vlogging channel, we made a few vids and left it alone. Recently we decided to set up again, we wanted to try new things, see new things, and we thought, why not film it?

This film is about the legend of Kitty Jay, we filmed it back in 2010.

I would like to reassure you now, there is nothing buried there but horse bones, but to this day people tell tales of Kitty, and the flowers that are left on her grave.

We, being local to the area at the time, decided to dramatise it. Of course, because I was the female counterpart, I automatically bagged the role of Kitty.

Any of you use Teespring? What are your thoughts?

I’ve just set up a Teespring account

I wanted to know what it was like, what the ups and downs or pitfalls of it are.

I would be grateful if anyone had any advice or tips for using this service, or what your experience has been either as a customer or seller of goods.

Here is my store front, if you want to take a look and let me know what I could be doing differently.

I have set up two of my punniest creations as experiments to see what they will do, but like I say, any advice would be appreciated.


Time is Such a Snitch! (also thank you)

This last week has been a bit of a blur

I can’t really remember the ups and downs, I do remember though that at some point I created this chappy.


I managed to do some editing, and I now only have 8 chapters of my current WIP to work through, I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of this month.

On top of that I managed a spot of beta reading for a couple of chapesses, in addition to getting out to film some stuff (evidence of which is going to emerge soon).

 I’ve found I’m at my most productive when I have a list of things I want to achieve in a month. So last week I sorted my to do list- that way I can keep on track, and when I look back thinking I wasted a month, I can see that I, in fact, didn’t.

Either way, I thought last week hadn’t been all the productive, but seeing it written down, I was wrong, so yay!

Although, before I go, I would like to thank all people who have bought my designs from society6 so far, I don’t know who you are, or if you’ll read this, but I hope you enjoy your purchases

Stay spiffy,  Bee.

Something Crazy!

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you all know about a YouTube channel my other half and I have created, it’s called Something Vloggy. In it we film ourselves doing things like going for walks, baking cakes, checking out wildlife. There’s the odd little dramatisation in there too. So, if you’re on YouTube, go check us oot!

As a little taster here’s a pic of our Megan bun eating a dandelion

Something Vloggy


The Spring! It Burns!

I made the mistake of forgetting that even weak spring sun is strong stuff to a pale and pasty person like myself, especially when said person’s skin has become fragile an unused to such things over the winter.

But I’m not the only one, come Monday everyone in sight had seemingly gotten overexcited about our first glimpse of the old English sun, red faces surrounded me, and yet every single one had a grin on it.

Alas, I now remember for me that summer for me means the constant of wearing straw hats and too much suncream, on my face, but for now, tis spring!

Bee on a Daffodil: http://bit.ly/2mNs65V

The Joy of Words- Cellar Door

logolepsy, graphic design, heart, word obsession, writing obsession, reading obsession, love of words

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about words, and not in the “I’m editing a book ” sense but words that bring me joy to hear.

My favourite word is Phenylalanine (Pronounced Fen E La La Neen), it’s an amino acid. I can’t remember which one, but it’s just such a fun word to say out loud.

Also, ever since someone said these are the most romantic sounding words; Cellar Door.
It’ll take a mo to appreciate it, but once you think about it it’s kind of a beautiful thing. It just rolls off the tongue, and invokes such vivid imagery. It’s one of those innocuous ones that you don’t tend to think about until someone points it out.

The last one is Cardigan, but only after hearing a Portuguese woman repeat it with such delight, she rolled the r and gave it such a joyful lilt  it sounded much more exciting, I’d previously thought of it as a rather stuffy word, but now I can’t hear it any other way, and it always makes me smile.

Which words bring you joy?

logolepsy, graphic design, heart, word obsession, writing obsession, reading obsession, love of words

Logolepsy- An Obsession with Words- http://bit.ly/2hkjDzR