Something Extra! – Sunday Vlog Roundup | Week 14

The Sunday Vlog Roundup is a list of videos detailing what I’ve been up to in my vlogger’s life. Our channel name is Something Vloggy, and I create the films with my other half, Ian.

Monday We Visited Oystermouth Castle!

Yes, oysters have mouths, and no we didn’t see any. But we did get to see this rather splendid little 12th-century ruin in Swansea Bay.

Check out the Oystermouth Castle Video HERE


A 12-Century Welsh Ruin in Swansea Bay

Wednesday We Missed the Waterfalls!

Due to weather, we didn’t manage to get a waterfall film this week, BUT we did create a short film for our wonderful Patrons over at  Patreonwhich includes a bonus waterfall.

You can check out our Patreon Page HERE

Patreon is a platform that enables creators to get paid for their content. It also enables the growth of a wonderful community!

On Friday We Talked About Our CADW Challenge!

In which we talk to our followers to keep you guys updated about what we’re up to, this week we covered the upcoming castle films, our progress on our CADW Challenge, and nattered about some of the wildlife that’s taken to pooping, literally, on our doorstep.

Check out The Friday Show HERE

If you found yourself wondering why there were no waterfalls this week then the answer lies here, along with what we’ve been up to and what’s to come in this weeks Friday show.

On Thursday There Were Squirrels!

Ian has taken to feeding the Squirrels peanuts, and now they’re getting quite cheeky. Ian made a quick film featuring Sally and Cinnamon Squirrel. Sid did not make an appearance for this particular video.

Watch Squirrels Eating HERE

Ian started to feed a squirrel, now there are three regulars, Cinnamon, Sally, and Sid. Cinnamon and Sally agreed to be filmed today.

On Saturday There Were Fox Cubs!

We set up another YouTube channel called Something Extra in which we’ll be posting anything that doesn’t can’t go on the Something Vloggy Channel. This week our first post was about some Fox Cubs. We realised we should have put the squirrel video up there too, but we hadn’t thought about Something Extra by that point.

Want To Watch Foxes Playing? Of course you do. Check that out HERE

We woke up to three fox cubs playing on our garden. Quickly grabbed a camera and this is the result.

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More Ogs and More Waterfalls! – Sunday Vlog Roundup | Week 13

The Sunday Vlog Roundup is a list of videos detailing what I’ve been up to in my vlogger’s life. Our channel name is Something Vloggy, and I create the films with my other half, Ian.

Monday We Visited Ogmore Castle!

We never did find any Ogs, or find out what an Og was, but we did nearly get stranded because when the tide comes it covers the carpark.

We explored the Castle of Ogmore, a ruin in Wales overlooking the River Ewenny.

Wednesday We Went Back to the Caerfanell River to Hunt for More Waterfalls

This is our 4th, and hopefully penultimate, trip up the Caerfanell river. It has so many beautiful waterfalls, cascades, and plunge pools (of all sizes) that we frequently lost track of time there.

We continue seeking out and filming the beautiful waterfalls of Caerfanell.

And Then There Is The Friday Show!

The Friday Show allows us to chat a bit about the behind-the-scenes of the videos, and lets you know what’s coming up. In this episode, we chat about our upcoming challenge, that we’re calling the CADW Challenge.  I have to admit we have our work cut out for us, and we have yet to begin!

In which we take the opportunity to catch up with you guys, and let you know what we’re up to, and talk about the behind-the-scenes of filming at Ogmore Castle and the Caerfanell River.

The Last Biscuit

Sometimes there must be cookies, cookies, stick man, stickman, graphic design, art, need cookies, cooky craving, cartoon,

Prints, totes, shirts and mugs available on Society6 Image ©J.R.Bee

For this weeks post, I decided to try a little drabbling. Just to see what arose from it. I used a random word generator.

The word was Last.

There was one left. It just sat there looking at me. It made no sound but I could hear its siren call. No-one would mind if I ate the last one surely, but it just wasn’t done. The last one was always left to go stale out of sheer politeness.


Waterfall Wednesdays Return! Sunday Vlog Roundup | Week 12

The Sunday Vlog Roundup is a list of videos detailing what I’ve been up to in my vlogger’s life. Our channel name is Something Vloggy, and I create the films with my other half, Ian.

We started up with Waterfall Wednesdays again!

St. Quentin's Castle Vlog

St. Quentin’s Castle is a 14th Century Welsh ruin in Llanblethian, in the vale of Glamorgan.

We hiked along the Caerfanell River in a hunt for the abundant waterfalls. Funnily enough, we found loads before the heavens opened

On Meeting People And Disagreeing With Them


I have had a great amount of luck with getting to know people online. I have met some truly marvellous people, and with all the animosity in the political landscape right now it’s good to know that the internet can build bridges between countries to have arguments with… I mean, make friends with.

Think about it, I can sit here in the UK and have a discussion with a stranger from across the world. A whole other person whose opinion I might never have known about without this marvellous construct.

I won’t always like that person’s opinion, or agree with it, but it’s important to think about another person’s point of view, to be able to discuss things without argument, or trying to change someone’s mind, but simply as a way of understanding other people. And I won’t lie, sometimes it’s hard and I need to walk away from it, because sometimes it’s good to do that too, if only for peace of mind.

I don’t post my opinions on most things, because I’d prefer to see what other people think about certain things.

And I don’t often join in those discussions, because the comment section is often toxic. But when I do, and the conversations civil it’s so friggin’ nice, and I get to learn about people, and I wish I could do that more.

I think that is the most important aspect of a discussion, you might not change your mind, you probably definitely won’t change theirs, but you’ll come out of it with a better understanding.

That is why I value everyone I’ve made friends with online, especially the ones you can disagree with and still stay friendly.

Abandoned Buildings! Sunday Vlog Roundup | Week 11

What Does an Empty Reservoir Look Like? - Exploring the Brecon Beacons

The Sunday Vlog Roundup is a list of videos detailing what I’ve been up to in my vlogger’s life. Our channel name is Something Vloggy, and I create the films with my other half, Ian.

I again missed last weeks post because I’ve been busy being out and about, but I have some wonderful films to share with you for this Sunday!

What Does an Empty Reservoir Look Like? – Exploring the Brecon Beacons

What Does an Empty Reservoir Look Like? - Exploring the Brecon Beacons

We took advantage of the stunning weather to check out the Neuadd Dam in the Brecon Beacons.

How Did The Tudors Deal With Annoying Neighbours? Check Out Old Beaupre Castle.

If your neighbours are being a nuisance you can always fortify your home, just like they did at Old Beaupre Castle. We pay a visit to this Medieval fortified manor house.

Rereading and Dissappointment

I decided to reread a series of books, thinking that I enjoyed them the first go round, many moons ago (or perhaps two or three moons at least), and I enjoyed the first two books, but there was a bit of the last one was a bit of a let down in place.

The MC got all sappy, from a happy-go-lucky lass, full of vim and vigour. But the worst part was the tenuous reasons given for the characters getting from point a to point B, and not only that but once the reason was given they kept repeating that reason as if repeating it made it sound less tenuous.

But, since I am on the third book I am persevering. But it’s definitely the weak link in the series.

Do you have any series that let you down on the last book?

On The Troubles of Wheat Intolerance And Lunch

I haven’t properly blogged for a few weeks now. The reasons being general business, and a complete brain blank on topics. Although I did try to start a post once and ended up staring at a blank screen whilst the kick-ass idea for a post I’d had literally five minutes ago squirmed away into the ether.

But I do have a thing to share with you.

The Discovery

I have discovered I am one of the ever-increasing mass of people for which wheat has become an issue. It’s gotten to the point where any time I eat a wheat thing I feel uncomfortable as heck for a good few days. I found this out by basically being increasingly uncomfortable every time I ate anything with wheat in it.

Trying Substitutes

So, I have tried a few gluten-free breads, and switched to a gluten-free pasta, even my stock cubes have had to change.

I wouldn’t feel too sad about this, but I have discovered that wheat seems to be in everything. The most important thing- sausages. I will also miss pasties.

I think that for sanities sake I will have to stray from the gluten path every now and again. But, for day to day nommage no wheat for me.

What To Eat Instead

This became a bigger issue for lunches. I didn’t know what to take with me to eat since my go to lunch was a sandwich. You know, a meal stuffed in bread.

My solution was to just get some travel mugs. I bulk cook pretty much everything I eat and store it in the freezer anyway, so heating up one of those meals and sticking it in a travel mug seems the best option.

I also take flapjack, and a little tub of dried fruit and nuts with me to keep me going on the longer days.

How I Feel Now.

I’ve now not eaten wheat for a good few weeks, and although I’ve slipped a few times I did suffer for my lack of care, so I definitely know that it is wheat that’s the issue.

I feel so much more comfortable and healthier for not having it any more. I’ve lost a lot of water retention, I’ve stopped bloating. Basically, I now no longer have any digestive discomfort (unless I fall off the wheat wagon).

I have no idea why I’ve suddenly become anti-dairy and wheat. Either the way food is processed has changed to the point I can no longer eat it, or my digestive system is having a laugh at my expense. Either way, if I suddenly become intolerant to anything else I will be extremely vexed.

Castles In Wales! Sunday Vlog Roundup | Week 10

The Sunday Vlog Roundup is a list of videos detailing what I’ve been up to in my vlogger’s life. Our channel name is Something Vloggy, and I create the films with my other half, Ian.

I did forget to post last week, as I have been quite busy. As it stands this weeks post is incredibly late in the day; because I’ve just stopped doing the work type things. But The fact that I missed last weeks means you this weeks post will be a little different.

You Get the three castles from our Road Trip in one hit!

Kidwelly Castle

KIDWELLY CASTLE! A Mini Road Trip to a Smashing Welsh Ruin.

A Mini Road Trip to Kidwelly Castle at Kidwelly in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. A great day out.

Carmarthen Castle

Carmarthen Castle

The second leg of our Mini Road Trip takes us to Carmarthen Castle, a castle located right in the middle of a town. Unsurprising it’s in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales.


The third leg of our Mini Road Trip takes us to Llansteffan Castle in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales. This is a truly beautiful spot, and we really lucked out with the light.

Some Reasons I Don’t Finish Books

Image ©J.R.Bee 2018 available on mugs, shirts, totes, etc. HERE 

I did not finish a looot of books so far this year, too many to remember them all. The ones I have read all the way through have largely been because they’re ok. I have been wowed once. I don’t know if this is because I’m becoming a bit more jaded, or I’m just not finding the right books.

I’m sure they’re out there, they just don’t seem to be on my kindle so far, and I am trying to empty it.

I can’t remember why I DNF’d most of the books, but here are some of the reasons I set them aside. I’m not including titles or names because I don’t want to shame, just point out what hasn’t worked for me.


There was a spelling mistake in the first paragraph on the first page. I read on in disbelief, wondering if it would be a regular occurrence. It was.

And It Was All Going So Well.

You started out promising, the scene was well set, and then the mc had to go on a journey that seemed completely unnecessary. They got into more trouble than was necessary and was helped out by some magical Mary Sue. There were also LOT of info dumps. One every other page. The info dumps wore me out in the end, and the Magical Mary Sue was the icing on the cake.

Well, That’s Odd.

You started out well, you had one hell of a hook for an opening, you had likeable/ relatable characters. Then came the nemesis. She was spooky looking, and sinister, and seemed to have a weird effect on people. Then it turns out she’s not bad bad, just bad and also a bit crazed and manic in a needy kind of way.  And then there was another similar looking “baddy?” going through incredibly elaborate means to get to meet the MC, I’m sure they could have just collared him around town so much easier.  The storytelling became much more forced at this point and I just bowed out.

A Lot Of “Stuff”

There was no connection with the characters and practically no world building. The characters floated around in a world I could not visualise and seemed to simply be vessels to have interesting things happen to them. One character was a vampire mixed with a fairy, with some transforming skill, she also had attitude, and was a cop. There’s a lot to unpack there and it did feel a bit contrived, but the thing that really killed it for me was that the whole thing was written in a “then they did this, and then this and then this” style that quickly wore thin.