About Bee

J.R. Bee is a lover of animals and creator of films. She has a soft spot for learning about wildlife and all things weird, wonderful or enchanting, and loves to combine and incorporate these discoveries into stories. Her interest in learning has led her to make films about castles, which you can find at MostlyCastles.uk.

Jo is always happy to chat books, art, or almost anything else for that matter, so drop her a line! You can find me on Twitter at @JR_Bee101 or on Instagram at jrbee101

Stay spiffy!


10 thoughts on “About Bee

  1. Hi Jo, I have nominated you for an award over on my blog. I tried earlier to post this here, but WordPress stopped me. I have been to a lot of blogs with the link. (so hence no link this time) They must think I am a spammer!!I Anyway, I hope you will accept the award in the spirit in which it is given ~ Amelia 🙂


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