Well, That Was A Right Faff

Well That Was A Right Faff

I missed last weeks posting for good reasons.

First, we had a flat tyre that needed repairing, and the logistics of sorting that were more of a faff than we wanted it to be.

And then the boiler broke down. On the Same Day. So we improvised with the heating, and the next day a man came to came fix things.

We were happy, we had heating. So we went out for about four hours and came back to ‘the smell’. The smell of leaking Kerosine is extremely potent.   The leak came after we’d had a man out to fix and service the boiler.

A bolt was loose, so it was an easy fix, but it meant that for the whole week the entire house stank of kerosene, and not just a bit wiffy, but stank stank.
And apparently, that kind of kerosene inhalation is not good for you (go figure) so we spent the week feeling incredibly dopey and with frequent headaches.

Results Of The Leak

Jump to this week and the kerosene smell has dwindled, but the other half now has another raging cold, which will be the fourth one is as many months. I have another sore throat, and a cold which will also be my fourth. It is getting beyond a joke.
As a result not only did I not blog, but I didn’t vlog either, other than the Friday Show. So at least I was consistent if nothing else.

What Did I Achieve?

Writing Progress

 I also manage to open my WIP for my writing. I’ve only done one day, but in that day I wrote 837 brand new words and copied a further 500 from the old WIP to be tweaked.


Anyway, whinging aside, I did at least manage to finish the Cosmic ponies – Mother and Foal.

You can find it on cushions and things at society6

Cosmic Ponies – Mother and Foal

It took me far longer to complete than it should have, but that did seem to be the theme of the week.


Snowed In Again! Sunday Vlog Roundup | 02

This Week Did Not Go To Plan

First off we got snowed in, so our Wednesday Walk turned into a stroll in the snow. That was quite nice, especially since our walk in the snow turned into more of a film session. It’s quite a nice little film, full of pretty snowscapes. Although it doesn’t look all that deep there were a lot of snow drifts about. Which meant that, in places, it was veery deep.

Because we were snowed in, and it was too chilly/ unfeasible to do the things we actually wanted to do, so our DIY video was Ian constructing a Shoe Rack with the help of our bunniest of rabbits, Megan.

And then the poop truly hit the fan. We got a flat tyre, our boiler decided to stop working and started leaking, and so the Friday Show was us whimpering about the various things that went wrong.

I hope you guys have had a good week, and that you have a marvellous Sunday!

Winter Mark II - A Snow Walk With Pretty Snowscapes

We Got snowed in yet again, and so we took our long awaited walk in the snow.

Shoe Rack Building With Rabbit Supervision | DIY

Ian tackles a bit of very light DIY in the form of a Shoe Rack; only slightly hampered by the poorly translated instruction manual that is partly for a chair. The occasional appearance of Megan the rabbit is a definite plus.

The Week That Sucked | Friday Show 08

This week just didn’t go well for us. Therefore we are using this episode of the Friday Show as a therapy session. From flat tyres to heating dilemmas this show has it all.

In Which I Did Something I Said I Wouldn’t

On The Art Of Lying To Yourself

I made the mistake of saying that I wasn’t going to art for a good long while.

“If I have time to create I want it to be writing,” I said. Oh, foolish, foolish fool that I was.

The first art I created was an idea that’s been rattling around in my brain for a while, the ‘Running To, Running From’ graphic. I had already created the running man, so I thought it wouldn’t take me too long to put together.

It turned out of that it took me longer than I thought to get the gradient and composition right. And then the font. Don’t even get me started on fonts.

I quite like this one because it takes the field of science, which I am in awe of, and the field of running, which I wish I could stick with. I have since thought of some more science-based graphics, and I’m looking forward to working on them.

Available on shirts, mugs, and stuff

Back to The Cosmos

But, after creating this graphic I wanted MOARH! And so I decided that I’d go back to the cosmic range. I’ve had requests to create more cosmic animals. And I do love my cosmic fox art and the photograph that it came from.

So I trawled through my animals pics to see what else I could create.

I settled on the Mother with Foal Pony, because the ponies themselves are stunning. I shall be selling both prints when they are finished, the cosmic one is very much a work in progress, and the photo needs a little colouring to make it pop.

I also have plans for cosmic deer, goat, buzzard, peacock, bunny, and I think I have a squirrel image somewhere that I can use. But I haven’t found one close enough to the camera and in a good enough pose yet.

So yeah, I fell off the art wagon hard.

Visiting A Glacial Lake! Sunday Vlog Roundup

Searching For A Glacial Lake In The Brecon Beacon Mountains - Llyn Cwm Llwch

Kick Back And Relax With This Weeks Instalment of Films

It’s Sunday again, which means that it’s time for the Sunday Vlog roundup!

DIY Happens on Mondays, and a walk in the countryside happens on Wednesdays, and we have a community show on Fridays.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below

Beautifying Our Seventeenth Century Country House

Monday Ian tidied up some of the horrible things stuck to the front of our 17th century home. It involved ladders, which he’s not entirely keen upon.

Beautifying Our Seventeenth Century Country House

We love our seventeenth century country house and want to make it as beautiful as possible. So we get the ladders out and get rid of the eyesore that’s been stuck on the wall. If you can’t guess, it’s a satellite dish.

Searching For A Glacial Lake In The Brecon Beacon Mountains – Llyn Cwm Llwch

We walked up to see a glacial lake in Llyn Cwm Llwch, which is situated in the Brecon Beacons, just below Corn Du and Pen y Fan.

Searching For A Glacial Lake In The Brecon Beacon Mountains - Llyn Cwm Llwch

Jo and Ian climb to one of their favourite places in the Brecon Beacons, Llyn Cwm Llwch. It’s a stunning glacial lake that sits below the peaks of Corn Du and Pen y Fan in the south of Wales.

Friday Show 06

We stood out in the snow to film this one, because why not?

It's all about that Snow | Friday Show 07

It’s snowing again in South Wales and the Something Vloggy intrepid duo are out in it to bring you this week’s Friday Show update. We discuss the DIY film we made on Monday and the walk to a glacial lake film on Wednesday. We also sing Happy Birthday to Melfka and read a poem about us sent to us by James Calcutt.

Dealing With Writer’s Guilt

The Two Forms Of Writer’s Guilt

Writer’s guilt seems to be that peculiar phenomenon and it comes in at least two forms. One where you feel guilty for having not written anything for any length of time, and the other where you feel guilty for writing when you should be doing almost anything else.

But why should we feel guilty about it?

The only person who it’s affecting is us. Unless you have a deadline, and readers waiting for you, then it’s affecting other things. But even then guilt is wasted energy.

Sometimes life throws things at us, and we have to deal with it and adjust. Adding guilt into the mix seems a pointless exercise.

The trouble is that knowing this, and ‘knowing’ this seems to be two different disciplines. You can tell yourself over and over that you have other priorities, but the brain seems to pile on this imaginary guilt.

Feeling Guilty For Writing

Writing when you know you have other things you need to do, but you just need to write anyway comes with its own special kind of guilt and is completely counterproductive. You end up sitting there and get barely anything done because half your brain is concentrating on the things you should be doing.

Feeling Guilty For Not Writing

Recently I’ve stopped writing altogether. I will get back into it, but right now I need to form some new and better habits in other aspects of my life.

And it’s a slow build, but I’m getting there, and every step closer is nearer to the time that I can start writing again. And that writing will, hopefully, be guilt-free, because I won’t have the nagging sense that I should be doing almost anything else. But in the meantime, I occasionally have pangs where I think I could have written more or even anything at all.

Part of this habit-forming is writing these blogs, one for Thursday, one for Sunday. Mostly for my own sanity, and to keep my brain writing muscles limber.

And the blog is a perfect thing to do that, because I don’t have to keep track of where I am, what I’m doing, and a million other little plot points I need to keep in mind when it comes to writing a novel.

Do you suffer from writer’s guilt? How do you deal with it?

The Life Of A Notebook- Bee’s Story

I’ve had a particular notebook since I was tiny wee.

It’s got a silk cover and is decorated with beads.
It is, in short, very pretty. And you know and I know that when you have a really pretty notebook you don’t know what to use it for. No one purpose seems good enough, and so it has been used for many many different things.

As such it has become some sort of time capsule of my life.

It has been a diary from when I was a young teen, still a kid really, and thought I should write a diary because I felt like I ought to for some reason. I’ve had little spates of this over my life, I’ve never stuck to it.

Reading back over the entries has been weirdly like reading pages from someone else’s life. Or like reading a book that I know I’ve read before, but don’t remember it until I’m reading it.

Some things I have outright forgotten, and so this ‘past me’ character is, in a way, a totally different person living a completely different life. And it makes me way too thoughtful to realise that that person has gone.

I don’t feel sad about it, but it leaves me wondering how much of her I still have left over. Wondering if I have I outgrown her completely.

Ideas Busting

For the next entries, it served as a vessel for ideas busting for one of my stories. When I was younger I tore some pages out and threw them away because I thought they were no longer relevant. Of course today I regret that. Because I have woven the concept of that story into the mammoth trilogy I am writing today. A lot of the ideas for the next books come from past me.

So I guess in that way past me still lives on.

Notebook Neglect

I took a break from writing for the longest while, and I had begun to feel bad of my neglect of the notebook, and so I used it for some of my college notes. That was a very short-lived existence before I decided that the notebook was too nice for that.

It hosted some of my exercises when I decided that I wanted to become more organised with getting fit.  I quickly found that it wasn’t all that handy a thing to use for exercising.  And even if I did keep it for doodling out exercise plans I could never hope to fill the pages.
And it just seemed a waste.

But I never tore pages out again. And I have never deleted an idea (on purpose anyway).

Why Do I Really Need A Notebook?

Now that I write almost everything on my laptop I began to wonder whether I really needed the notebook at all. Of course, I still wanted to use it, but I just couldn’t find a suitable purpose.

I like notebooks, which it seems completely irrational when I have to work so hard to work out what I want to use one for. Surely if you have a notebook, you should know why you need it.

Its current incarnation seems to be to write out plans for where I want my stories to go. When I get stuck it’s been useful to use the notebook as a different medium; as if somehow staring at my laptop knots my brain up, but stepping away I can think clearly and untangle whatever aspect I’m stuck on. From time to time it’s hosted character sketches.

And I think that is now the use I’ll continue to put it too. Getting unstuck and character sketches. It’s taken roughly 20 years to work out how I like to use a notebook. And even now I realise it might change.

Country Living- Sunday Vlog Roundup!

Country Living- Sunday Vlog Roundup!

Me: So I learnt a lesson.

You: What did you learn Bee?
Me: If I do weekly roundups of vlogs when I actually have something to say it gets in the way of the roundup. Also, if we upload late Friday I forget Friday’s blog. Bad Bee!
You: Well, that was a disappointing lesson.
Me: Yes, but I still learned something. What have you learned this week? *storms off in a pretend huff, peers back* no really. What have you learned this week?

Judging by how that opening just went, I guess I would lose a game of chess against myself.

Getting on With It

Anyhoo. Since on Friday I did a post on how to not be so hard on yourself gorramit!
I thought Sunday would be a nice day to do a weekly roundup of films so you can chill out in your jammies, pick crumbs off your chest, drink tea and watch us do some work.
This means I will have to think of things to say on Friday *gasp*.
Anyway. On with it!

Monday’s Vlog

Ian burned some of the excess gubbins in the shed! I was ill, so didn’t participate in the burning of the detritus.

Ian burned some of the excess gubbins in the shed! I was ill, so didn't participate in the burning of the detritus.

Fire, Snow, and Sheds!

Wednesday’s Vlog

We properly cleaned out the shed!  We even got the jet wash out! After weeks of rain and sickness, it finally happened! I’m so proud of us!

 We properly cleaned out the shed!  We even got the jet wash out! After weeks of rain and sickness it finally happened! I'm so proud of us! 

Jet Washing, Sheds, Bonfires, and Boats

Friday’s Vlog

We natter about the week that’s been, our new Patreon rewards (We do other stuff ya know) and How Awesome Elon Musk is. I mean, how can you not really?

We natter about the week that's been, our new Patreon rewards (We do other stuff ya know) and How Awesome Elon Musk is. I mean, how can you not really?

Our Fabulous Week of Sheds and Elon Musk Is AWESOME! | Friday Show 05

If you like our films you can subscribe to our channel. Let me know how your week has been in the comments, and I’ll see you next Friday and Sunday!

Yes, It’s Hard. No, You’re Not Failing #writerslife

Yes, I Can

The highs and lows of writing a novel are pretty intense. I have felt like I reached breaking point more than once.

If I had followed online advice about how I should write every day, or how I should plot every scene, or climb every mountain. Chances are I wouldn’t still be working on my story now.

You can’t always write every day, sometimes you start and you get nowhere, and you have to go away and rethink and replan, and then you start, and you get so far, and then things need changing.

Because plans don’t always pan out, things don’t always look the way on paper the way they do in your head. Because of a million little reasons that set you back again and again.

And then you look online for advice only to be told you need to be on it all. the. time.

You know what helps me?

Ignoring all of that, working through the story a piece and a time, and finding a fellow writer to howl at the moon with.

I get out, I stop, I *gasp* procrastinate.

And progress is still made, not fast progress, but better progress than writing a thousand words and then having to delete them because something needs to change.

One of the reasons I’m struggling so much is because I have a mammoth series I’m working on.

It’s taken world building, character building, plot building. For the whole series. Not down to the last detail, but at least enough so I know where I’m going and where I’m coming from.

Writing one single book would be much much easier. But it wouldn’t be right, not for this story. And so, I plot, and I plan, and I struggle, and I do what I need to do when I need to do it.

So, I have to bear this in mind when I feel like I’m getting nowhere. With so many pieces of the puzzle I have to get them all in the right place or my picture of a tiger will look like a pixellated mess at the end.

I have berated myself so many times for not being faster, and the fact that I don’t know everything immediately. And that is the thinking that gets me nowhere.

And so I fail. I fail so much. And it’s hard. But I rethink, I get back up, and I keep on going.  And if keeping going means taking a break from writing- so be it.

Don’t confuse with being taught how to write with learning how to be a better writer.

Learning the craft, and learning how you craft is tough, and it takes time to find your voice. It also takes time to find the methods of working that suit you best.

When you learn the writing craft it is advisable to learn as much as you possibly can, throughout your writing career, by researching, reading, and trial and error.

When you learn how you personally craft, there is no-one more expert in how you work than you.

There no one path that is “the” path

By all means, take ideas from people who say what works for them. But don’t assume it will work for you too. And don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t.

Be wary of being told of ‘the only way to do’ things. There is no one way. There is just the way that works for you. And if you find a way that works for you don’t let anyone else tell you it’s the wrong way.

Don’t make the mistake of burning yourself out trying to write to someone else’s system.

Sickness, Writing Progress, Films (Week 4)

I actually do remember what happened this week, this week the sun came out, this week it was glorious. Who couldn’t enjoy it? Me that’s who, and the other half!

We were laid up sick, with my third cold in the space of two months, and his second. I seem to have built up a slight immunity to it because I don’t seem to be so badly hit. The other half… has no voice. It means I keep finding myself whispering along with him because when one person whispers, it’s really hard to not to talk normally.

Editing Progress!

However, what it did mean is that I managed to complete a whole chapter in editing this week. I need to get faster than a chapter a week though. But it’s better than the three pages I managed in the first week of Jan, so maybe I’ll get faster?


Although we were grounded for our second week in a row, we still managed to get three videos up in the week. And although only one of them came from our backlog, we only have one more video we can use if we’re still sick next week.

The first film I made was a YouTube Rewind video, although it wasn’t planned I would like to make another one next year because it turned out to be quite a nice little film.

Out First Year In Wales As A Montage

How To Make Linen- From Seed To Cloth

   Something's Missing... Also, Adorable Puppy News | Friday Show 03


Just Bee (Week 3)

Yes, I Can

I Managed An Art!

I know I said I wasn’t going to concentrate on artwork this year, but there are several reasons I wanted to make this. Firstly, I needed something to unwind with. It was a phrase that I’d posted over my laptop camera, which I’ve found oddly helpful for combatting doubts that my brain throws at me from time to time, and I figured if it helped me it might help someone else to see the phrase floating about in the internet.

Yes, I Can

A graphic that reassures (available on stickers and mugs)

I Finished A Whole Chapter

I haven’t managed to find a whole lot of time to write recently, and when I have had the time, I haven’t had the energy, so I was quite pleased to finish a chapter this week. Just 20 odd more to go… but one down, right?

I Beat The Odds

It rained a lot, I mean a lot a lot, this week. Which put a damper, pun NOT intended, on filming.

It meant that I had to be a tad resourceful with polishing up one of our old films, that never made it to something Vloggy, for Monday.

It also coincided with the Tuesday gloom, as I’ve just decided to call it, which meant that there was zero energy in my brain, I just about managed to make a cake, which was put up on Wednesday.

So I was quite pleased that, despite the setbacks, we managed to get films up on time.

Although, having said that, there was a glitch with the Friday show, and that is still reuploading as I type this. Hoping like crazy it will be ready before Friday ends.

Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

A Tasty and easy to bake recipe

Three Churches Walk - Sellack, Hoarwithy, Kings Caple

Ian explores the wonderfully pretty three Churches Route, taking in the St Tysilio’s Church at Sellack, St John the Baptist Church at Kings Caple, and the lovely Romanesque-style St Catherine’s Church at Hoarwithy.

Bananas Are Evil, and Good News For Turtles - Friday show 02

In which we discuss this week’s shenanigans, plot for next week, and discuss the news about 3D printing turtle eggs.

At any rate, this week hasn’t been too bad for creativity, despite the weather being against the things I’d intended to do, but I have hit the end of the end of the week feeling somewhat burnt out. I wanted to get more editing done today, but I just couldn’t give it the focus needed.

Perhaps this week I’ll give myself at least a one day weekend.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.