Country Living- Sunday Vlog Roundup!

Country Living- Sunday Vlog Roundup!

Me: So I learnt a lesson.

You: What did you learn Bee?
Me: If I do weekly roundups of vlogs when I actually have something to say it gets in the way of the roundup. Also, if we upload late Friday I forget Friday’s blog. Bad Bee!
You: Well, that was a disappointing lesson.
Me: Yes, but I still learned something. What have you learned this week? *storms off in a pretend huff, peers back* no really. What have you learned this week?

Judging by how that opening just went, I guess I would lose a game of chess against myself.

Getting on With It

Anyhoo. Since on Friday I did a post on how to not be so hard on yourself gorramit!
I thought Sunday would be a nice day to do a weekly roundup of films so you can chill out in your jammies, pick crumbs off your chest, drink tea and watch us do some work.
This means I will have to think of things to say on Friday *gasp*.
Anyway. On with it!

Monday’s Vlog

Ian burned some of the excess gubbins in the shed! I was ill, so didn’t participate in the burning of the detritus.

Ian burned some of the excess gubbins in the shed! I was ill, so didn't participate in the burning of the detritus.

Fire, Snow, and Sheds!

Wednesday’s Vlog

We properly cleaned out the shed!  We even got the jet wash out! After weeks of rain and sickness, it finally happened! I’m so proud of us!

 We properly cleaned out the shed!  We even got the jet wash out! After weeks of rain and sickness it finally happened! I'm so proud of us! 

Jet Washing, Sheds, Bonfires, and Boats

Friday’s Vlog

We natter about the week that’s been, our new Patreon rewards (We do other stuff ya know) and How Awesome Elon Musk is. I mean, how can you not really?

We natter about the week that's been, our new Patreon rewards (We do other stuff ya know) and How Awesome Elon Musk is. I mean, how can you not really?

Our Fabulous Week of Sheds and Elon Musk Is AWESOME! | Friday Show 05

If you like our films you can subscribe to our channel. Let me know how your week has been in the comments, and I’ll see you next Friday and Sunday!


Yes, it’s hard. No, You’re Not Failing #writerslife

Yes, I Can

The highs and lows of writing a novel are pretty intense. I have felt like I reached breaking point more than once.

If I had followed online advice about how I should write every day, or how I should plot every scene, or climb every mountain. Chances are I wouldn’t still be working on my story now.

You can’t always write every day, sometimes you start and you get nowhere, and you have to go away and rethink and replan, and then you start, and you get so far, and then things need changing.

Because plans don’t always plan out, things don’t always look the way on paper the way they do in your head. Because of a million little reasons that set you back again and again.

And then you look online for advice only to be told you need to be on it all. the. time.

You know what helps me?

Ignoring all of that, working through the story a piece and a time, and finding a fellow writer to howling at the moon with.

I get out, I stop, I *gasp* procrastinate.

And progress is still made, not fast progress, but better progress than writing a thousand words and then having to delete them because something needs to change.

One of the reasons I’m struggling so much is because I have a mammoth series I’m working on.

It’s taken world building, character building, plot building. For the whole series. Not down to the last detail, but at least enough so I know where I’m going and where I’m coming from.

Writing one single book would be much much easier. But it wouldn’t be right, not for this story. And so, I plot and I plan, and I struggle, and I do what I need to do when I need to do it.

And I fail. I fail so much. But then I rethink, and I get back up and I keep on going.

But don’t confuse with being told how to write with learning how to be a better writer.

But that is a post for another time. For now, just remember to try not to burn yourself out trying to write to someone else’s system.

Sickness, Writing Progress, Films (Week 4)

I actually do remember what happened this week, this week the sun came out, this week it was glorious. Who couldn’t enjoy it? Me that’s who, and the other half!

We were laid up sick, with my third cold in the space of two months, and his second. I seem to have built up a slight immunity to it because I don’t seem to be so badly hit. The other half… has no voice. It means I keep finding myself whispering along with him because when one person whispers, it’s really hard to not to talk normally.

Editing Progress!

However, what it did mean is that I managed to complete a whole chapter in editing this week. I need to get faster than a chapter a week though. But it’s better than the three pages I managed in the first week of Jan, so maybe I’ll get faster?


Although we were grounded for our second week in a row, we still managed to get three videos up in the week. And although only one of them came from our backlog, we only have one more video we can use if we’re still sick next week.

The first film I made was a YouTube Rewind video, although it wasn’t planned I would like to make another one next year because it turned out to be quite a nice little film.

Out First Year In Wales As A Montage

How To Make Linen- From Seed To Cloth

   Something's Missing... Also, Adorable Puppy News | Friday Show 03


Just Bee (Week 3)

Yes, I Can

I Managed An Art!

I know I said I wasn’t going to concentrate on artwork this year, but there are several reasons I wanted to make this. Firstly, I needed something to unwind with. It was a phrase that I’d posted over my laptop camera, which I’ve found oddly helpful for combatting doubts that my brain throws at me from time to time, and I figured if it helped me it might help someone else to see the phrase floating about in the internet.

Yes, I Can

A graphic that reassures (available on stickers and mugs)

I Finished A Whole Chapter

I haven’t managed to find a whole lot of time to write recently, and when I have had the time, I haven’t had the energy, so I was quite pleased to finish a chapter this week. Just 20 odd more to go… but one down, right?

I Beat The Odds

It rained a lot, I mean a lot a lot, this week. Which put a damper, pun NOT intended, on filming.

It meant that I had to be a tad resourceful with polishing up one of our old films, that never made it to something Vloggy, for Monday.

It also coincided with the Tuesday gloom, as I’ve just decided to call it, which meant that there was zero energy in my brain, I just about managed to make a cake, which was put up on Wednesday.

So I was quite pleased that, despite the setbacks, we managed to get films up on time.

Although, having said that, there was a glitch with the Friday show, and that is still reuploading as I type this. Hoping like crazy it will be ready before Friday ends.

Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

A Tasty and easy to bake recipe

Three Churches Walk - Sellack, Hoarwithy, Kings Caple

Ian explores the wonderfully pretty three Churches Route, taking in the St Tysilio’s Church at Sellack, St John the Baptist Church at Kings Caple, and the lovely Romanesque-style St Catherine’s Church at Hoarwithy.

Bananas Are Evil, and Good News For Turtles - Friday show 02

In which we discuss this week’s shenanigans, plot for next week, and discuss the news about 3D printing turtle eggs.

At any rate, this week hasn’t been too bad for creativity, despite the weather being against the things I’d intended to do, but I have hit the end of the end of the week feeling somewhat burnt out. I wanted to get more editing done today, but I just couldn’t give it the focus needed.

Perhaps this week I’ll give myself at least a one day weekend.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below.

Just Bee (week 2)

Changes Afoot- Friday show 01

This week, ah what a week it was, things happened, and also stuff!

Basically, I’m struggling to remember what I did.

Cool Things I’ve Found

Richard Herring interviewed a guy called Johann Harri about the growing amount of people suffering from depression and anxiety, he talked about some of the societal causes, and solutions that people have come up with. I had to watch it in chunks because, although it was very interesting and a Huge eye opener, it was heavy going. Well worth it though. Check it out Here

No automatic alt text available.

My writerly friend, Melfka, has a weekly #wordwitch cartoon.

They are often cute and funny. This weeks was a more personal and sobering piece that documented every rejection, acceptance, and the times when she was considered last year. Which I thought was a great way to show aspiring writer’s that the road to success is littered with rejections, and that’s the part that no-one sees.

New Writerly Editing Technique!

I found myself a new way to edit my novel. I’m on draft don’t make me think about it, I’m just not that strong.

And because I’ve basically recreated the entire world in my head I’m finding it easier to just open a blank document and copy, paste, and edit a paragraph at a time. It’s helping me catch world details that have changed. I’m also deleting a lot of bulk scenes and adding new ones.

So yeah, the blank document has been a blessing. Although I have only managed to get one evening of editing in.

I Opened Photoshop!

I had a design in mind, PS threw a wobbly and wouldn’t let me do anything. So I gave up.


What I ‘have’ done is three videos. Well, two. The other half did one. But I helped with the meta tagging and stuffs.

Mini- Can It Handle The Snow?

A YouTube video about digging our 2017 mini countryman out of snow, to see how it would handle on the roads.

Our Vlogging Camera Kit- What's In The Bag?

In which Ian talks about the kit we use for making YouTube Videos.

Changes Afoot- Friday show 01

In which we talk about what’s happening with YouTube, how it’s affecting us, and we throw in some light news.

Week One (Well, one for me, because I’m late to the game)

Snowman Bob

Week one back on the horse has been quite productive.

Before the end of 2017 it snowed, so we went outside and played in it because it was a novelty. Also because adulting sometimes means knowing when to let your inner child out.

As a result of our fun in the great outdoors it’s meant that we’ve greeted week one of vlogging with footage ready to go.

Initially, we thought maybe we’d get two films out of it, but it’s turned into four.

Day one we just mucked about

(the images take you through to the Youtube vids)

We attempted to toboggan, but due to our mass and bad snow, we just floundered about a bit.

Aaaand We're Snowed in!

Then, of course, we made a snowman. We called him Bob. Bob was quite suave for a snowman.

Day Two the sun came out.

We explored the prettiness of it all and got some stunning footage.

Day three we did a snow thoughts vid.

We hadn’t intended to make this many films about snow, but what do you know- we got carried away.

As for other projects

I only managed to get one day of editing, in which I edited a meagre three pages, but it was a start.  I’m hoping I’ll get more done this coming week, and over the weekend.


What about you? How’s your week gone?

What Happened? Where Am I? What’s My Purpose This Year?

A year of working things out.

My partner and I decided to finally do something with our YouTube channel.

We called it Something Vloggy, and spent the year figuring out what kind of content we wanted to make.

We tried explainer videos,  cooking videos, we made videos in a documentary style, and the odd musical one.

What we decided we liked, in the end, were exploratory films, where we go and do something, and see what there is to see.

We also quite liked the DIY films, but we didn’t do as many of those as we would have liked.


My favourite videos from the last year were

Our walk up Pen-y-Fan, a mountain in Wales, our second Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons, and the Chocolate and Pear Frangipane recipe.


Writing last year started out well, but about April I stopped writing altogether. It became painfully clear that my WIP needed a radical world change and with it a lot of details needed to be rewritten.  Although I didn’t do any more writing I made a lot of notes as to the changes that needed to be made. Now I think I can tackle it head on- after I’ve tackled the backlog of other things I need to do.


My artwork will take a back seat this year. Last year I tried to draw more frequently, but it didn’t work out as I’d hoped, and this year I know I have too much on to carry it on. Last year, however, I did manage to get some things created. The TEA ME graphic was an idea given to me by Myk Pilgrim, a delightfully nuts person I recommend you check out.

Read It And Wept


Bumblebee Blues

Onwards and Upwards and Possibly Downwards


I have many goals for this year, and I’m sure I won’t hit them all, but I shall tentatively name them here, as a reminder of what I forgot to do by the end of the year.

I would like to have a video a week, giving my progress for the week. A sort of online diary on the highlights. I’ll  post them on Fridays. Hopefully setting a day will help me stick to it.

We are aiming for three videos a week on our channel. A DIY, a walk, and what we’re loosely calling ‘The Friday Show’.

This week is a little different because we have some snowy videos going up.

I would also like to get at least one book ready for publishing. I have one awaiting edits, and I’m working on another, the planning for which has finally been completed. It was a hard task as it had multiple books, and I needed to tie the story together, but the world I was writing in kept changing.

Foraging for Blackberries

I go blackberry picking, do I get a good haul? Watch and see!

This is a chilled little video that features yours truly scouring the brambles for edible fruits.

Why Can’t I Find a Good Book?

On which I discuss Books and things. Mainly books though.

Oh, and the tea I’m drinking is Assam Borengajuli. I talk about some of the interesting finds I’ve made in the indie market, some of my favourite mainstream authors.

Tattle and Tea – On the Absurdities of the English Language

In this episode of Tattle and Tea I discuss some of the oddities of the English language, and some interesting mistakes I’ve found in books.