Why 30 day fitness challenges are pointless and why I’m doing it anyway.



You may be wondering why I’m doing a 30 day fitness challenge if I think it’s so pointless, to be honest so am I.  I have chosen to do two, the first is the plank and the second is squats.

The idea is that you gradually build your core strength up and you get toned along the way. You look great, you feel great, accomplished even.

So why is it pointless?  Yes you may build up your body core strength in 30 days, you may look and feel great and like you’ve achieved something, but where do you go from there?

Do you stay at the last number of squats held or do you keep increasing the number of squats until you spend all day every day squatting and planking? (feel free to snigger, I did.)

Do you find a new exercise or a new challenge? Or, and this is the most likely option, do you simply give up?

I have to admit I did my first 50 squats yesterday and I felt a little sore afterwards and I got bored doing them.  But because it’s a challenge, a regime if you will, I felt the need to complete it.

That’s why I think rather than just doing a 30 day challenge you should have a life long challenge.

So why am I doing it?

Well, like most people who know this is pointless, I have a misguided notion that I’ll perhaps carry on with other exercises, other challenges, that I’ll keep up my fitness.  Only time will tell if I have the attention span to keep it up.  Something tells me the squats will be the first to go.

So wish me luck and please write back to tell me of any challenges you have tried, did you complete them and if you did, did you carry them on?




8 thoughts on “Why 30 day fitness challenges are pointless and why I’m doing it anyway.

  1. I completely agree with you, but have similarly just started the ‘7 minute challenge’ – seven minutes every day to improve your health and fitness. I’m on day 10 and actually think this might be right for me, although they do cheat and encourage you to do 2,3,+ sessions a day, which technically takes me way over the agreed seven minutes 🙂


      • I thought so too, but it’s a little like Insanity in bite sized chunks, lots of planks and jacks, leaves you unable to breathe at the end of the seven (although that might just be me!)


          • I’m finding that you add ‘jack’ to any exercise term and it means add some type of jump to it – as if it wan’t hard enough. Plank jacks seem to be in plank position then to take your legs out to the side then back in, over and over. On my lovely 7minute app I’m discovering all sorts of ‘jacks’ and it’s really putting me off the name 😉


            • Ugh, that sounds like something I’d argue with. Perhaps you need to listen to ‘Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles to cleanse your system 🙂


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